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Your Dream Home Awaits You in Celebration, Florida

The town of Celebration, located near the Walt Disney World Resort was planned and developed by the Disney Development Company. It’s like utopia; the landscape and grass looks flawless all the time and so do all the buildings and houses. Florida Hospital Celebration Health is ironically the most beautiful structure in the town and one wouldn’t even mind getting sick to stay there for a few days. 

Celebration is truly ravishing. It’s like that neat, colorful dream town you may have imagined while reading a story book and definitely a place worth staying.  So, what makes Celebration a great place to live? 

Perfect Buildings 

The landscape and buildings in Celebration are really unique. On entering the town, you can see huge office buildings that exude grandeur and elegance. Looking at these buildings you might think how they are even standing and people actually work here every day. That’s the magnificence of the design. 


Celebration is one of the few places where safety is expected. Routinely kids walk to school and play freely in open parks, elderly sit together by the lake in the town and homeowners set up easels to draw and paint. It feels as if you’re in a completely different world. 

Restaurants and Shops 

People living in Celebration don’t have to worry about leaving their town and travelling great distances to shop and eat at great restaurants. They can avail all these benefits from great shops and restaurants right in downtown Celebration.

Orderly Environment and Events

Celebration has a wide range housing options from condos that start in the $100K range to luxury multi-million dollar estates. 

Celebration is well known for its festivals and events. Every week, there is some event taking place in the public square ranging from art fairs, pet expos, car shows, farmers markets, music festivals and so much more. 

Tourist Destination 

The entire town is near the center of one of the largest tourist destination of the world.  Shopping and hundreds of entertainment venues, a theme park, countless water parks, golf courses and dining choices, etc. make Celebration the best place to live on planet Earth. 

Who wouldn’t want to live in Celebration when it has so much to offer? If you’re looking for homes for sale in Celebration, Florida, get in touch with Paul at 407-902-3188.


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